Thank you for your interest in serving as a musician and/or singer here at One27 House of prayer! We’re excited about all that God is doing and how he is growing our teams and the ministry of the prayer room. We value community and each other. We value God and His presence. We also pursue musical excellence as we seek to adore God and lead others into His presence through music. As a musician or singer at One27, you'll be asked to serve on a worship team in the prayer room during the week through one of our many prayer room gatherings known as "sets." These "sets" feature live worship and prayer in which singers, musicians and intercessors come together to encounter God in prayer and in song. Musicians and singers who don't already serve at a local church may also be asked to serve on a worship team during our Sunday morning service.

Below you'll find important information concerning the audition process for those interested in volunteering as a singer or musician. Don't fear. This process is to ensure that our singers and musicians have a basic level of skill necessary to succeed in this environment. The process is simple and easy...

1) Learn the Song “JESUS, WE LOVE YOU” by Bethel Music. This song can be found at by clicking here. You can learn this in any key you like. Learn one verse, chorus and bridge. No need to learn any spontaneous parts as done by Bethel Music.

2) Submit a video of yourself playing your instrument and/or singing the song above to You can use your smart phone. If you play multiple instruments, please submit separate videos for each. Vocalists, please sing a cappella when recording your video. * We also encourage you to submit a video of yourself playing and/or singing something else of your choice.

3) Click the application button below to answer a few short questions.

* The videos can be recorded with your smart phone or any other video recording device available to you. Due to large file sizes of videos, it's likely best to upload your video to and select the option of making the video "unlisted". Then you can share the link with us. Our worship leadership will review your audition video and notify you if you are selected to serve as a singer and/or musician, as well as give you next steps and other helpful information.

*We encourage you to GO FOR IT! If you're hesitant to put yourself out there with your music, we say go for it! Be confident and courageous! You'll find that our leaders are kind and encouraging. If you have any questions about the audition process, simply email us at We’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have about the prayer room, the audition process or any other questions you might have. We welcome you to look around the website to gain a better understanding of our vision, mission and passion here at One27 House of Prayer.

                            Thank you.